MSR always offers optimum protection in critical situations for life and health in closed rooms, like parking garages, tunnels or laboratories. Therefore MSR only works with proven, but innovative technology.
The following MSR core values are realised always anew and so the customers can profit from:
Innovative and creative products
Reliable in price, quality and availability
Respect and responsability to the customers and business partners
Motivation and pleasure in the product
Open-minded about new needs and markets
These are the factors having mainly influenced and still influencing the thinking and acting of MSR on its successful way to national innovation lead and to an offerer of need-oriented solutions, especially for parking garage plants.
Perfectly coordinated sensors, controllers and warninq devices can be combined in many ways into monitorinq and warninq systems and so offer optimum protection for life and health in closed areas in critical situations.
lndividually confiqurable and flexibly inteqrable solutions by MSR Electronic are employed all over the world in a variety of applications.
list of Approvals:
EN 61010-1 I ANSl/UL 61010 1 I CAN/CSA-22.2 No. 61010-1