Dr. Fodisch is a manufacturer of process and environmental measuring products as well as substantial knowledge in environmental law allow customized solutions. This company located in the Germany, mainly concentrating on research and development of environmental measuring devices. This company has now gained a leading position for continues emission measuring technology.
Dust Measurement:
One area of their developments has been the continuous triboelectric dust measuring technology since 20 years. The product portfolio ranges from simple filter controllers to complex dust concentration measuring devices, e.g. to be used in wet gases.
Gas Analyzers:
Since almost 10 years they have been working in the field of gas analysis, too. That is the origin of 2 device series - cold gas analyzers and hot gas measuring systems for the measurement of CO (carbon monoxide), NO (nitrogen oxide), SO2 (suplhur dioxide) but HCl (hydrogen chloride), NH3 (ammonium hydroxide), humidity and so on as well.
The portfolio is completed by diverse measuring devices for the determination of various exhaust gas parameters (e.g. flow, humidity, O2-content) as well as special parameters (e.g. acid dew point).
Products and services overview:
Planning, production, installation and after-sales-service of
Continuous emission monitoring systems by official order according to the respectively valid legal requirements (in Germany e.g.: TI air, 13th, 17th, 27th and 30th BImSchV) as well as international requirements like e.g. climate protection projects (CDM, JI of the Kyoto protocol) e.g. NO2/NO-measurements in fertilizer plants
Process monitoring systems, e.g. raw gas measurements of HCl and SO2 in power plants and waste incinerations
Serial production and customization
Filter controller
In-situ and extractive dust concentration measuring devices
Single and multi-component gas analyzers
Flow measuring devices